Single agent. Single license. Single dashboard.

Perks of attending this webinar series

  • A complete walk-through of our security offerings
  • Scenario-driven solutions
  • Live Q&A session with our product creators

About this webinar series

It's truly surprising when endpoint management and endpoint security fail to coexist when they both serve the same endpoint. When different point products are used, a lot of essential information can be lost in translation. However, with a unified solution like Endpoint Central, which provides an all-in-one package with a single agent, a single license, and a single dashboard, you can amplify efficiency in identification and responsiveness. While we're already acquainted with the management aspects of Endpoint Central, this webinar will focus on exploring its comprehensive endpoint security capabilities.

In this webinar series

Attack surface management

Gain knowledge about fundamental attack vectors, such as applications, peripherals, browsers, emails, and cloud services, along with their intrusion strategies. Learn how to effectively counter these threats and explore the process of constructing an efficient data loss prevention (DLP) plan.

Threat detection and response

Explore what it is and understand where your enterprise security lies in the landscape of threat detection encompassing vulnerabilities, ransomware, and malware. Watch us demonstrate live how Endpoint Central's Security edition detects and mitigates malware, acting as your first line of defence.

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