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About this webinar

With employee experience taking center stage in the hybrid workplace, organizations are in a position to ensure all their employees have a seamless and uninterrupted work experience, irrespective of their work location. Hybrid workforces also require stringent security frameworks to protect them against persistent cyberattacks.

Enterprises today are on the lookout for strategies to manage and secure their endpoints without compromising on the end-user experience. Join Phil Hochmuth and Romanus Prabhu Raymond as they discuss improving endpoint security and enhancing the end-user experience in today's digital workplace.

What to expect

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Strategies to enhance the end-user experience with device management solutions.
  • The major trends in digital workspace, digital employee experience (DEX), and security.
  • The Zero Trust strategy for enhanced endpoint security.
  • The convergence of endpoint management and security, and the benefits of this trend on the employee experience.
  • Best practices and tips for charting your 2023 workspace management strategy.
  • The future of a digital organization from IDC and ManageEngine's viewpoints.

Our speakers:

Phil Hochmuth

Program vice president of endpoint management and enterprise mobility, IDC

Phil is the program vice president on IDC's Enterprise Mobility team. His research provides insights into how enterprises deploy mobile devices and applications as well as management and security platforms. Key markets he covers include enterprise mobility management (EMM) and enterprise mobile security, including mobile data and threat protection, and digital employee experience management.

Romanus Prabhu Raymond

Director of product support and security evangelist in unified endpoint management and security, ManageEngine

As the director of product support, Romanus is responsible for ensuring that ManageEngine's unified endpoint management and security customers across the globe are happy. He oversees the seamless onboarding, product training, and implementation and support experience for all customers. He has a strong passion for endpoint security and champions security solutions as a security evangelist. He is also involved in evaluating technologies and applying industry-leading trends and tools to achieve delivery, quality, and business objectives that drive the business forward.