Changing repository

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to modify the location where you wish to store your backup information. However, this comes with a caveat. When you change a repository, all the backup data in the old repository is deleted and a full backup of your mailboxes is taken when the backup scheduler runs next.

There are two cases where one might wish to change the repositories.

Moving to a new repository while the old one is kept active

This method will allow you to keep the old data while also allowing you to store further backups in the new repository. You can use the backups from the old schedule or the backups from the new schedule to perform restorations based on which backup holds the items to be restored.

  • Disable the current backup job.
  • Create a new backup schedule with the same settings and select the new repository.

Moving to a new repository and decommissioning the old one

When you decommission the old repository, all the backup data stored in it will be deleted. You can export all data in the backup to a PST file, which can be used at a later time.

  • Export the entire backup job to PST by following the steps listed here.
  • Edit the details of the backup job to change the repository.

All backup data generated from the next scheduled backup run will be stored in the new repository.

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