Data protection and GDPR compliance

Data security features in compliance with GDPR 

Analytics Plus provides options to help you securely share data and collaborate with your colleagues. With this release, we roll out our first phase of updates to make Analytics Plus GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Password protect files/dashboards/reports during export and email scheduling

You can now choose to set a password for files exported or emailed from Analytics Plus. This way your reports and dashboards can be viewed only by the intended recipients.

To password protect files during export,

Open your report, dashboard or table → Click on the Export icon → Select Export this view and choose one of the supported formats listed below. 

  • As CSV
  • As Excel
  • As PDF
  • As HTML

Under the Report Options window, you can password protect your file using the Set Password option. 

Note: Formats such as HTML, Image, and CSV are compressed before password protection. The PDF and Excel exports are directly password protected without being compressed.

Whenever you opt for password protection, the password will have to be shared separately to all intended recipients. Analytics Plus does not offer options to share your password through the application interface. Click here to learn more about secured sharing.


You will find the Set Password checkbox under the Report Options while you configure email schedules or email/export multiple views. Click here to learn more about password protecting email attachments.

Password protect reports/dashboards/views while publishing or embedding in website/Blog

You can set passwords while publishing reports or embedding them on a website. This is particularly useful while embedding dashboards in your intranet portal where you want only a certain section of your users to view the published content.   

To password protect your published dashboards or reports,

Open your dashboard/report → Click on the Publish icon → Select one of the listed options.

  • Embed in Website/Blog
  • URL/Permalink for this View

Select the Access permission drop down, click on Access without Login and select the Set Password option.

Users who click on the published link will be prompted to enter the password. Please note that if opted, the password will have to be shared separately to all intended recipients. Analytics Plus does not offer options to share the password through the application interface.  

Note: The Access with Login option in the publish section doesn't have a Set Password because only users with valid login credentials to Analytics Plus will be able to view the published dashboards/reports. Click here to know more about protected publishing.


Marking personal data 

Analytics Plus allows you to mark columns as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This could be any information that could potentially identify an individual, for example. Name, Email, Job role and Company name etc. 

Exporting tables with Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Columns marked as 'personal data' will be excluded during export operations. Users can opt to include these columns manually using the column picker. 

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