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    Categorize cloud apps

    Gain visibility into the various categories of cloud applications used in your organization along with details of what apps are accessed, when, and from where.

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    Censor unwanted web services

    Use blocklisting to selectively block cloud applications deemed unfit to be in use within your organization.

  • Block unproductive cloud services

    Ensure that your users do not access cloud services not permitted within your organization like social media, video streaming, gambling, e-commerce, and online gaming applications.

  • Restrict malware-infested cloud apps

    Catalog and block the use of high-risk cloud apps to protect your organization against ransomware attacks, spam campaigns, credential theft, and more.

  • Restrict access to inappropriate content

    Ensure your end users do not have access to morally objectionable online content unsuitable for the workplace like those related to propaganda, extreme violence, extremism, and more.

  • Control the use of cloud apps

    Enforce access control measures across cloud apps by evaluating and analyzing their reputation scores using our content control tool.

Regulate the safe use of cloud applications with the help of cloud protection software.