We'll let you know once the beta is good to go.

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    Enable instant notifications

    Quickly notify sysadmins and mount an automated threat response when there is a sudden, anomalous spike in file copy actions.

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    Educate end users

    Use automated system prompts to warn your employees against unwarranted file copy actions.

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  • Prevent unwarranted file copy

    Stay ahead of malicious insiders by auditing and analyzing every single Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and right-click copy actions in real time.

  • Granular security auditing

    Track and record the complete audit trail of all file copy actions across local and network shares along with details on who copied what, from where, and when.

  • Stop data leaks via USB

    Avoid devastating data breaches by limiting data copied to external storage devices such as USB drives.

  • Preconfigured data protection

    Use multiple predefined policies in DataSecurity Plus to discover sensitive data (PII/ePHI), analyze the risks involved, and carry out relevant data security measures.

Mitigate cybersecurity risks and ensure safe use of critical business data using ManageEngine's Data Leak Prevention tool