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    Sensitive data discovery

    Pinpoint files containing business-critical and sensitive data across enterprise storage and classify them to enable true data leak prevention.

    Customizable USB policies
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    Real-time file auditing

    Keep track of every file access—including file copy and paste—to identify potential insider activity quickly.

    One-stop reporting and management
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    Built-in DLP policies

    Leverage granular DLP policies to detect and disrupt anomalous USB, web, clipboard, file copy, web application, print, and email attachment activity.

    Hassle-free blocking
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    Comprehensive DLP solution

    Ensure the security of data at rest, in use, and in motion with a unified platform for data risk assessment , file auditing , data leak prevention , and cloud protection.

    Hassle-free blocking
  • Detect and classify sensitive data

    Locate the personally identifiable and business critical data most at risk from internal and external threats. Classify it based on its sensitivity to ensure safe usage.

  • Monitor file transfer actions

    Know who copied what file, when, and to which location by tracking file copy actions in network and local shares.

  • Control peripheral devices

    Enable central device control policies to protect against data theft by restricting the use of high-risk USB devices, wireless access points, and CD/DVD drives.

  • Prevent data leakage

    Leverage built-in DLP policies, allow and block listing capabilities, on-screen warnings about policy violations, and more to ensure the security of business-critical data.

Elevate enterprise data protection with data leak prevention software.