How to filter internet content using DataSecurity Plus

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It's vital for organizations to block unsafe and inappropriate cloud applications using a web content filtering solution. ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus provides in-depth visibility into your organization's internet traffic and restricts users from accessing unproductive and harmful online content.

Steps to filter internet content using DataSecurity Plus

  1. Download and install DataSecurity Plus.
  2. Open the DataSecurity Plus web console.
  3. Select Cloud Protection from the application drop-down.
  1. Go to Configuration > Cloud App Settings > Banned Applications.
  1. Click + Add Applications at the top right corner.
  1. Add the names of the domains that you want to block within the field Cloud App Domain Names.Example:,,, etc.
  1. Click Review. The analysis will take some time, based on the number of domains added. You can add more domains to the review queue in the meantime.
  1. Once the analysis is completed, click Continue.
  1. A complete list of all reviewed domains will be displayed with details such as reputation score, category, etc. Scrutinize this information before choosing to add them to the banned list. Select the unwanted domains and click Add all to add them to the banned list.
  1. Similarly, to scrutinize and add high-risk domains suggested globally, click Go after Review and add globally suggested domain names.
  2. To review and add low reputed cloud applications frequently used within your organization, click Go after Review and add domain names suggested based on your environment.
  3. To revisit the previously paused review process, click Go after Continue the previously started review process.

Access to the block listed cloud applications will be restricted as soon as their domain names are added to the banned list.


Ensure data security and integrity with the help of ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus.

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