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    Refine data discovery scans

    View the confidence scores of detected sensitive data to evaluate the certainty of a match being a true positive instead of a false positive.

    A panoramic view
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    Built-in GDPR data discovery policy

    Leverage the built-in, dedicated GDPR data discovery policy to streamline GDPR risk assessment.

    Improved scanning techniques
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    Policy violation alerts

    Receive instant notifications when data governed by the GDPR is detected and execute batch files to automate responses to the alert.

    Sensitive data inventory
  • Identify sensitive personal data

    Detect personally identifiable information (PII) by scanning enterprise file storage for exact matches to regular expressions and specific keyword sets.

  • Enable GDPR data classification

    Automate the classification of sensitive files that violate your organization's storage policies to better understand which files need elevated data security measures.

  • Simplify GDPR risk assessment

    Analyze critical information such as the content, context, and permissions of sensitive files to evaluate their vulnerability to potential security threats.

  • Gain cross-platform visibility

    Locate sensitive data and PII across Windows file servers, failover clusters, and MSSQL databases, and get detailed reports in one unified console.

Safeguard sensitive data and address regulatory requirements with GDPR compliance software.