Ransomware:COVID-19 caused mutations and the ultimate guide for protecting your remote workforce

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The IT world is no stranger to ransomware and its concepts. However, ransomware's inherent nature to transform itself by absorbing ongoing technological advancements make it extremely unpredictable. The ability to foresee its inevitable evolution can only be viewed by thoroughly delving into its past. This whitepaper reveals the elements that aided ransomware's previous developments, while it focuses on how ransomware has adapted to our COVID-19 era. Together, these findings are woven in concert to predict how ransomware will behave in the future.

This timely whitepaper also provides valuable insights and advice for plugging possible ransomware entry points into your network. You'll discover the best strategies to fortify your remote workforce, and learn about an array of ManageEngine solutions and best practices you can efficiently implement, many with a simple click of a mouse.

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