Observability for your IT enterprise

Modern-day infrastructures thrive on distributed environments. Observability refers to understanding the current state of a
system or application with cumulative information gathered from its components. Observability often focuses on monitoring the system or application as a whole rather than governing the elements individually. A fully observable environment will have in-depth visibility into your network stack
and will help you keep the network infrastructure in its optimal working condition at all times.

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Basics of observability

What is observability?


What is the difference between monitoring and observability?


Why observe your applications, network, infrastructure, and security systems?


How does observability work?


Does observability help IT cope with business demands?

Modern day infrastructures thrive on distributed environments. Observing such environments is critical rather than making assumptions about the issues that had occurred in the past. Observability often focuses on monitoring the system or application as a whole and looks for imminent errors in your environment, providing full stack visibility into your IT infrastructure.

Greater business IT resilience

Cruise through SLAs with faster MTTR with the assistance of root cause analysis and network path analysis. Application observability enhances IT operations by automating tasks, implementing workflows, and enabling faster application deployment.

Enhanced total experience

An observability solution provides full-stack visibility into your application performance. This facilitates anomaly detection even before it impacts the end user, and helps in track performance to ensure an improved customer and employee experience.

Scale IT with growing business demands

Leverage AIOps and automation capabilities to predict and scale resources for uninterrupted operations. Be ready for any unannounced network demands.

Implementing pragmatic observability across network and application infrastructures

Attain application-level observability

  • Discover applications running on various servers and network devices within your network infrastructure, and design a business service dependency map and co-relate application dependencies and relationships between them.
  • With OpManager Plus' application observability software, diagnose and troubleshoot the components associated with your application, and quickly locate problematic devices in your environment.
  • Monitor the end-user experience in real time and fix UI or UX issues before they affect end users.

Observe your enterprise architecture


Manage your IT infrastructure and operations with ease


Security and risk management


Improve processes like DevOps and SRE


Gain complete visibility into your business with OpManager Plus, our unified observability solution

Improved user experience

  • Closely monitor critical parameters like availability, latency, execution correctness, and quality are closely monitored to determine application performance management
  • Meet customer expectations with our web user experience monitoring tool that leverages Apdex score standards to determine customer satisfaction details on your website.
  • Real-time user monitoring gives deeper insights about individual user sessions on your websites and identifies trends across geographical locations.

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Application performance monitoring

  • Offer your DevOps teams unparalleled visibility into your application's performance, and visualize complex distributed applications from browser to database.
  • Track, monitor, analyze, and aggregate operation level and overall performance of containerized applications such as Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenSight.
  • Perform deep, code-level diagnostics; and co-relate performance changes with code commits.

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Network analysis and monitoring

  • Monitor every single IT component with accuracy and transparency and take network monitoring to the next level with the help of AI and ML concepts.
  • Keep your business-critical network components and application servers in check.
  • Make informed decisions about your bandwidth growth using capacity planning reports Use Continuous Stream Mining Engine technology to run a complete forensic and security analysis on your network components, and detect a broad spectrum of external and internal security threats.

Infrastructure management

  • Manage IT infrastructures of any size with ease and perform efficient physical and virtual infrastructure monitoring.
  • Establish real-time change monitoring and track mismanaged bandwidth consumption between individual devices.
  • Automate network configuration changes control management tasks by centrally applying configuration changes to devices in bulk.

Security and forensic analysis

  • Track network anomalies that surpass your network firewall, and identify context-sensitive anomalies and zero-day intrusions.
  • Manage firewall policies, and analyze the usage and effectiveness of firewall rules.
  • Accelerate fault cause identification, analyze logs, and pinpoint the exact log entry which indicates the cause of a security event in minutes; dig down to the root cause and correlate network anomalies with the help of root cause analysis.

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Hybrid cloud monitoring

  • Monitor and troubleshoot your business applications regardless of where they are hosted in a public cloud or private cloud or on premise.
  • Get instant visibility into services from public cloud vendors (such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and OpenStack) and cloud and virtualization technologies.
  • Track the performance of cloud application platforms side by side and detect service outages, application lags and server downtime

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