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security investment
How? × Log360 helps you detect potential threats and proactively respond to them. The built-in automated reports make complying with various regulations a breeze, reducing the total financial impact caused by non-compliance.

Possible financial impact of a breach at your organization


Cost of labor saved by implementing Log360

How? × Log360 follows a simple and straightforward pricing model. You get charged for the number of devices you want to monitor, not the volume of logs, which keeps the price predictable. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Cost saved by implementing Log360

How? × Log360 helps your security teams quickly detect and respond to security incidents with minimum effort. By automating incident response, your team can focus on finding the root causes to prevent such incidents from happening again.

How do we calculate ROI?

The ROI is only an estimate calculated from the values you provide. As outcomes can vary based on the implementation of the solution, we cannot guarantee an exact ROI.

The cost of a security breach depends on the number of records your organization processes in a year (both for customers and employees), plus the compliance fines associated with a single breach in your industry.

The labor cost is calculated based on an average cost of $51/hr per employee. We derive the total cost of savings from the number of people and hours spent working on the incident.

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