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Obtain critical information at the right time with highly flexible reporting options

Real-time alerts

Get alerted instantly about critical events.

Intuitive dashboards

Quickly view a summary of your endpoints with interactive dashboards.

Inventory insights

Deep, device-level insights into hardware, networks, apps, and more.

Canned reports

Prepackaged reports covering every detail of devices.

Custom reports

Create reports tailor-made for your organization.

Scheduled reports

Mix and match custom and canned reports delivered in your preferred file format.

Audit logs

Check and keep a record of activities performed by admins for audit and compliance purposes.


Leverage one-click integrations and REST APIs to consolidate your reports within a single tool.

Obtain critical information at the right time with highly flexible reporting options

Real-time alerts

Identify the devices that are not complying with the IT policies of your organization instantly and take corrective action to ensure such non-compliant or compromised devices do not wreak havoc in your network.

Intuitive dashboards

Get to know your IT ecosystem better with stats that are interactive and provide you with underlying data.

Inventory insights

Get deep device insights into hardware, network details, apps, restrictions, and location history from a single window. Apply quick actions from the same menu, like locking, tracking, and wiping devices.

Canned reports

Generate instant reports on IT management, security processes, and device details to ensure your IT ecosystem is running without any glitches.

Custom reports

Generate unique reports according to your organization's needs and export them in CSV format for post-processing in business analytics platforms.

Scheduled reports

Automate your reporting process by creating new reports out of existing canned and custom reports. Also customize what data to export from these reports.

Audit log feed

Store and audit actions performed by admins on devices for compliance as well as for quick troubleshooting of devices in case of malfunction.


Integrate Mobile Device Manager Plus with business analytics and reporting solutions

ManageEngine Analytics Plus integration

Consolidate analytics, customize dashboards, obtain AI-powered insights, and collaborate in real time.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer integration

Get reports on all your IT assets on a single interface and take timely action with custom reports and actionable insights.

API integrations

Make use of our readily available REST APIs to extract historic and real-time data from the Mobile Device Manager Plus database.

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We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over a year now, and it has assisted us in staying compliant with our organization's security and compliance policies. We are able to safeguard our customer data, track our devices, and implement policies over the air.

Syed Ahmad Rasool Sr. manager of technology security, Vodafone

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a powerful safeguard against the threat of corporate content coming into the wrong hands. This robust solution enables us to centralize all mobile devices on the same console as a web-portal which is segmented by countries. The access for local IT teams in each country is restricted to the mobile devices in their respective country, ensuring better security.

Abdoul Karim Barry Systems engineer, Microcred Group

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MDM 101: The basics of Mobile Asset Management (MAM) explained

  • 1. What is mobile asset management?

    Though mobile devices have become commonplace within enterprises, IT admins might have a tough time keeping track of them all across various platforms and types. Mobile asset management aims to simplify this process by allowing IT admins to view, manage, and maintain an inventory of all mobile endpoints used in their organization from a central console.

  • 2. Why is mobile asset management crucial?

    Like any other physical asset in an enterprise, a mobile device used for work should be tracked at all times. However, this can be difficult as mobile devices are often not on office premises, despite bearing and having access to sensitive corporate data. Organizations cannot risk these devices and the data on them falling into the wrong hands, resulting in data theft and compliance breaches. This is why mobile asset management is essential as it allows IT admins to ensure that these mobile devices are always accounted for, even if they are not on-premises.

  • 3. What is mobile device asset management software?

    Comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) solutions like Mobile Device Manager Plus can effectively function as mobile asset management software by allowing IT admins to maintain an inventory of all managed devices, their granular details, and their locations from the same console. Essentially, mobile asset management software and tools enable IT admins to collect managed devices details and generate reports on them for comprehensive mobile device inventory management.

  • 4. How can MDM make mobile asset management easier?

    By using MDM for mobile asset management, IT admins can benefit in the following ways:

    • Maintain a comprehensive inventory of all devices in the workflow, with granular details about each of them and the ability to initiate a scan anytime for real-time device details.
    • Gather the battery levels, current locations, and past locations of business-critical devices to ensure they stay powered on and on the right track.
    • Achieve location-based compliance by wiping sensitive corporate data if devices leave a defined boundary.
    • Configure devices to display the required information in the event of physical audits.
    • Generate reports on managed devices to gain rich insights that aid decision-making.
    • Remotely view, control, and troubleshoot devices when technical issues arise or remotely lock, track, and wipe them if they are lost or stolen in order to secure the data on them.
    • Simplify retiring older devices in a secure manner to prevent device misuse.