How to create MSIX packages from an .exe or .msi app? 


MSIX is a Windows app package that provides modern packaging experience to all Windows apps. With the MSIX packaging tool, admins can create an MSIX package from an EXE. With MDM, admins can silently install MSIX apps on devices running Windows 10, version 1803 or above.

Follow the steps given below to create MSIX packages.


  • Download the MSIX packaging tool from the Windows Store on a device running Windows10, version 1809 or above.

  • Launch the tool and select Application Package to create the MSIX app package.

  • Browse and select the installer to be packaged. Under Additional Options, check the Sign Package box and select a .pfx certificate file to sign the package. If your certificate file is password protected, provide the password. Click on Next.

  • Select Create Package on this computer if you wish to save the package on the same computer upon creation. Click on Next.

  • Provide the required package details:

    • Package name: Package name to identify the package. Package name is case sensitive and cannot contain spaces.
    • Package display name: Name of the package to be displayed to the user
    • Publisher name: Name of the app publisher
    • Publisher display name: Publisher name to be displayed to the user
    • Version: The app version
  • The above mentioned details are mandatory to create the package. The publisher name and publisher display name are prefetched from the uploaded certificate. You can optionally enter the Installation Path if you wish to save the app in a location other than Program files.

  • On Prepare the computer screen, availability of the MSIX Packaging Tool Driver is checked. This driver is required to monitor and capture all the changes made by the installer on the machine. The package is created based on the changes made. To ensure no other processes are captured, it's recommended to use a clean machine to create the MSIX packages. Ensure Windows Search is Disabled. Click on Next.

  • On the next step, the tool monitors the installation of the application. Click on Next once the installation is complete.

  • On the next step, any post installation tasks can be captured. Here you can also create the desktop shortcut and Start Menu shortcut. This will ensure that these shortcuts are created when the app is installed on the target machine. You can also install any pre-reqs, required by the app in this step. Click on Next after successfully running the application.

  • Provide the location to save the created MSIX package and click on Create to create the package.

  • Upload the MSIX package on the MDM server, by following the steps given here.