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Bring frontline devices under the umbrella of management

Enhance devices on the front line to keep workforces productive and connected

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Seamless frontline device life cycle management from a single console


On-board devices and provision them with the required resources


Gather real-time device information to ensure compliance


Align device security measures to your organization's policies


Remotely troubleshoot device issues


Decommission devices no longer in use

Empower your frontline workforce through comprehensive device management

Simplify device sign-up

Enroll devices across platforms and device types in bulk, including rugged devices and wearables.

Ensure enterprise-grade security

Implement customized policies to apply robust security restrictions to remote devices and data.

Improve productivity

Distribute essential apps and content to frontline devices based on directory groups.

Eliminate distractions

Block unwanted features, apps, and web content or deploy single-purpose kiosk devices with rigorous restrictions.

Protect data in-transit

Prevent devices from connecting to unsafe Wi-Fi, and automate connecting work apps to VPN.

Resolve technical issues

Remotely view and control devices, execute remote commands on them, and chat with the device user to solve issues.

Keep your workforce in the loop

Send out critical alerts to frontline devices to disseminate essential information quickly.

Monitor business-essential devices

Track granular device details like its location, battery level, etc.

Secure misplaced devices

Track and recover lost or stolen devices, or perform a remote device lock and data wipe if they are irrecoverable.

How Mobile Device Manager Plus helps frontline workers across industries


Supply workers with purpose-built devices that provide just the necessary delivery and fleet management apps for remote and on-site duties. Devices can be configured to record client signatures upon delivery, and to keep the worker informed of upcoming deliveries. Technical issues with the devices can be resolved from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server, allowing deliveries to be completed on time. Device locations can be tracked to ensure drivers are on schedule.


Enable healthcare workers to communicate securely on-the-go by requiring devices to connect only to trusted Wi-Fi networks and to use security certificates. Mandate device passcodes and encryption to protect sensitive data from theft and prevent data leaks by allowing access only through trusted apps that adhere to DLP policies. Ensure sensitive data stays within allowed locations by automating a device wipe if the device leaves specified boundaries. These security measures help maintain compliance with crucial privacy and security standards like HIPAA. Schedule app and OS updates for an appropriate time, ensure high device availability. and customize the device home screen layout to facilitate quicker access to critical apps.


Simplify staff tasks by configuring devices in bulk, and to function as kiosks, point-of-sale devices, and digital signage. Devices and the sensitive data on them can be secured from unauthorized access by applying restrictions that allow customers to access only the necessary apps and device functionalities. Manage device inventory, display organization-specific branding, and distribute required resources in real time to devices to further enhance the end-user experience while still maintaining security.


Manage devices across various platforms and device types, enabling your field service worker the freedom to complete tasks from their preferred device. Manage and secure rugged devices often used in field services and control OEM-specific configurations and OS updates on these devices. Help the workforce complete work on time by remotely resolving any technical issues their devices face.


Provision dedicated devices to function as point-of-sale kiosks with restrictions on device functionality and with limited apps, making it easier for retail workers to execute tasks without distractions. Manage multiple devices in various locations from a single console, securing them and the data on them. If these devices are taken on deliveries, ensure they are on track by monitoring their locations. You can also remotely resolve technical issues from the Mobile Device Manager Plus console to facilitate uninterrupted customer service.

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We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over three years now and have effectively secured all our remote tablets. It takes the pain out of deploying apps and quite efficiently handles all our business requirements.

Peter Bailey Director and co-founder, eXPD8

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a powerful safeguard against the threat of corporate content coming into the wrong hands.

Abdoul Karim Barry Systems engineer, Microcred Group

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