Keep healthcare workers’ devices work-ready and secure

Provision, configure, and secure the mobile endpoints in your organization to protect sensitive data

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Comprehensively manage your fleet of hospital staff devices from a single console

Streamline enrollment and management

Onboard and manage devices seamlessly by integrating with portals like Apple Business Manager, Google zero-touch, Knox Mobile Enrollment, and Windows Autopilot.

Secure apps and content #HIPAA

Distribute business-essential apps and content, allowing healthcare workers to get things done on the go. Audit and block malicious apps from the network, and prevent installation from untrustworthy third-party sources.

Enforce strict security protocols #HIPAA

Modify device configurations like mandated device passcodes, camera and microphone restriction, and automatic detection and blocking of vulnerable devices.

Secure access to sensitive data #HIPAA

Secure files by allowing only trusted apps and Wi-Fi networks to access them, and apply DLP policies like copy-and-paste restrictions.

Manage shared devices

Allow staff from different shifts to use the same set of devices by setting up shared tablets, enabling each employee to access their own session on the device during their shift.

Remotely sort out device issues #HIPAA

Chat with device users, view and control devices, and initiate remote commands from the MDM server to quickly resolve technical issues while staying HIPAA-compliant.

Provision dedicated devices

Configure devices in Kiosk Mode to serve a single purpose in order to simplify patient check-in or allow medical staff to quickly access the information they need.

Maintain real-time device inventory

Gather live device information and achieve location-based compliance by tracking device location and automating a corporate or complete data wipe when a device leaves set boundaries.

Keep data secure on lost devices #HIPAA

Prevent patient data from falling into the wrong hands by remotely locking misplaced devices, putting them in Lost Mode, and performing a data wipe if needed.

How Mobile Device Manager Plus enhances the healthcare workforce's mobile experience

Over-the-air provisioning

Take control of the entire device life cycle over the air. Remotely enroll organization-owned devices in bulk while ensuring they are ready for work upon boot. Monitor these devices, share required resources, and apply security configurations on them to stay in-line with corporate and industry compliance standards.

Empowered mobile workforce

Allow your workforce to access patients' information and medical history on the go, and facilitate a paperless environment. Remotely distribute critical documents when needed so doctors can immediately view the information they require. Protect the confidentiality of files containing PHI by enforcing the use of authorized apps to view them.

Enriched patient experience

Improve the patient's time at the hospital by setting up managed devices as easy-to-use self-service kiosks or tablets used to fill out their information during admission and share their feedback after being treated. Provision specialized devices that enable medical staff to treat patients easier and quicker by tracking vitals and having all relevant patient information available.

Maintaining compliance

Stay compliant with organizational policies and industry standards like HIPAA by providing a safe and secure device to host PHI and offer access to it. Deploy devices in Kiosk Mode to ensure staff and patients can view only the information they are authorized to. Block access to untrusted apps and websites to further protect data.

Secure BYOD

Enjoy the benefits of allowing staff to use their personal devices for work while still ensuring that these devices are also secure enough to handle PHI and aligned with industry guidelines. Devices can even be provisioned with an encrypted, password-protected container to store sensitive data. When an employee under the BYOD policy leaves the organization, perform a corporate wipe on their personal device to exclusively remove any sensitive data distributed through MDM.

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