Unified cross-platform patch management

While the world was filled with Windows fan boys a decade and half ago, that isn't the case today. In fact, only one in five devices is Windows. This means that your Linux servers and mac laptops have overtaken all your Windows devices. The impact of that change is being felt across all of IT like many other areas. 

Windows? Mac? Linux? Doesn't matter.
With our cross-platform patching tool, we've got you covered.

The benefits of having one patching solution for all of your OSs is significant. This cross-platform approach to patching is exactly how Patch Manager Plus works. Patch Manager Plus is the first cross-platform patching solution that helps in automating the patch process for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, across your entire infrastructure.

Microsoft Windows Patch Management made easy!

Automate windows patching and secure all of your Windows systems and applications.

  1. A single patch solution for Windows software updates, XP updates, OS updates, application updates and security updates.
  2. Mitigate security risks by automating service pack deployments.
  3. Stay protected deploying Microsoft antivirus definition updates.
  4. Fix vulnerabilities with windows rollup updates in minutes.

Remove barriers to Mac Patch Management!

Macs are great computers, but they are not flawless systems. With Patch Manager Plus, never miss out on patching your Mac systems.

  1. A single interface to keep your Mac endpoints current with the latest Mac security updates for your OS X and applications.
  2. Deploy new updates for the most commonly patched third-party applications running on MacOS.

Linux Patch Management the smart way!

Keep your Linux endpoints secure, error-free, and updated with the latest patches.

  1. On demand and scheduled patch deployment of Linux related security fixes, kernel patches, service upgrades and bug fixes.
  2. Supports Debianand Ubuntu operating systems.
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