Insightful patch management reports to track every step of the patching process

Don't you think its time to say goodbye to redundant manual reports! Patch Manager Plus goes beyond patching the applications and brings you the patching intelligence and guidance needed to sift through the mass of updates. Use our real-time dashboards, audits and patch management reports to make smart patch decisions, communicate risk and report patch compliance progress to executives.

Powerful patch reporting with one click

The final step of any successful patch strategy is reporting. Patch Manager Plus helps you run comprehensive reports, easily filter data and share results with others in a variety of formats to help address vulnerabilities. There are several reports that help tracking critical updates, install statuses, failed updates, vulnerability database updates and more.

  • Predefined patch management reports for your network security:
  • The following reports can help you check the network vulnerability:

    1. Patches report
      • Missing patches awaiting approval
      • This report will list down all missing patches that have been unapproved for deployment.


      • Vulnerable patches report
      • The Vulnerable Patches Report lists the missing patches in the network. The report also displays the details of the affected systems in your network for every patch that is listed.

      • Supported patches
      • The Supported Patches Report provides the details of all the patches released by Microsoft Corporation irrespective of whether these patches have a relation to your network or not. The Supported Patches Report will be of absolute use when you plan to upgrade the systems in your network by installing the latest applications/ updates available for the application.


      • Remote Office Patch Summary
      • The Remote Office Patch Summary Report lists down the number of missing patches, installed patches, applicable patches, healthy systems, vulnerable systems, highly vulnerable systems and managed computers by your remote offices. You can drill down the reports to get the missing patch information and details of all the systems.


    2. Systems report
      • Vulnerable systems report
      • The Vulnerable Systems Report of Patch Manager Plus gives away the details of the healthy and vulnerable systems in your network. This Patch Report is essentially important to reduce the risks that are associated with the presence of Vulnerable Systems. You can drill-down the report to get the application wise Installed and Missing Patch Information for the vulnerable systems


      • Systems requiring reboot
      • After patching there are always a number of machines that need a reboot but users do not always log off and switch off at the end of the day . This report will list down all the systems in which reboot has to be scheduled.


    3. Customizable query reports: (Not applicable for PMP cloud)
    4. Patch Manager Plus provides an ability to retrieve the required information from the database using the Query Report. This might be useful in cases where you are not able to get the required information from the Canned reports. The Query Report can be created using the New Query Report button available under Reports tab --> Custom Report. You may have to provide the SQL Query and create the report. The report can be saved for future reference and / or exported to CSV format for further processing.

    5. Custom views with 'Save as filter'
    6. The Save as filters feature provides various filters to refine and view details to your convenience. You also have the ability to save them for future use.

    7. Schedule reports and target email notifications:
    8. One-click patch management reports provide flexibility in scheduling report generation to your business needs.
      Scheduled or automatic email notifications help pushing important patch compliance/patch status data to interested parties.

    9. Configuration Reports
      • Configurations by User
      • This report lists down the details about patch configurations applied to each user. It has a filter option which can be used to get customized data depending upon the domain and the applied time.

      • Configurations by Computer
      • This report lists down the details about patch configurations applied to each computer. It has a filter option which can be used to get customized data depending upon the domain and the applied time.


      • Configuration by Type
      • This report lists down the details about configurations based on the type of patch configuration applied.


    10. Critical Vulnerability Report
    11. This report displays all the updates for zero and critical day vulnerabilities like Meltdown, Spectre, etc. You are provided with a filter which can be used to list down the patches of a specific vulnerability type. The User can directly install these patches by clicking on 'install patch'.


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