Restrict Users to Specific Roles

With the technology improvements and the application of computers in every other field, the profile of a system administration has greatly increased. In a midsize network, it is quite an impossible task for a single person to cover all the aspects of system administration along with patch management. Patch Manager Plus answers this concern through its User & Role Management module; delegating routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission levels. It restricts the access of systems to authorized users with the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) approach.

User-Defined and Pre-Defined Roles

You can tailor-make any number of roles in Patch Manager Plus and give them permissions of your choice based on your personalized needs. These roles can then be associated with Patch Manager Plus Users. There are also a set of pre-defined roles that you can readily use:

  • Administrator - The Administrator role signifies the Super Admin who exercises full control, on all modules
  • Guest - The Guest Role retains the Read Only permission to all modules.
  • Technician - The Technician Role has a well defined set of permissions to do specific operations. Users under the Technician role are restricted from performing all the operations listed under the Admin tab.
  • Auditor - The Auditor role is specially crafted for Auditing Purposes. This role will help you grant permissions to auditors view the details of software inventory, check for license compliance, etc.

Defining a scope for the users

You can define the target computers which can be mapped to every user. By limiting the user's permission to specific set of computers, the user possesses enough permission to perform his role but not excess permission to take unduly advantage. The target that you define as the scope for the user, can be static unique groups, remote offices or all computers.