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With a multitude of tasks performed under every enterprise's privileged access management (PAM) routine, PAM360's interactive dashboards provide real-time insights into the security configurations and distribution of privileged access activities across various domains of its infrastructure.

Additionally, these dashboards come with instant remediation controls to help administrators identify and mitigate any risky behavior.

PAM360 currently offers the following interactive dashboards out-of-the-box.

Password management

Implementing a secure PAM strategy is associated with guarding privileged identities. The password dashboard available in PAM360 offers a bird's-eye view of the password practices followed within an organization, right from keeping a check on password health to addressing policy violations, and allows for the implementation of stringent security practices based on the conclusions drawn.

PAM Password dashboard - ManageEngine PAM360

User activities

With privileged users being the foundation of any password management tool, it's important to address how judiciously they use resources to automate the tasks that are associated to them. PAM360's user dashboard offers insights on the login pattern of users and distribution of roles and also provides information on active user sessions. This helps in tracking down potential threat actors and taking control over standing privileges.

PAM User dashboard - ManageEngine PAM360

Keys and SSL/TLS certificates

In addition to handling passwords, PAM360 can orchestrate the life cycle of machine identities like SSL/TLS certificates and SSH keys along with supervising the actions involving them. The keys dashboard offers a comprehensive compilation of activities like key rotation history, certificate expiry alerts, certificate vulnerabilities, and more. Based on this data, administrators can carry out timely renewals and remediation measures to help organizations stay ahead of downtime.

PAM Keys dashboard - ManageEngine PAM360

Security Hardening

PAM360 now includes a new dashboard that assists admins to securely install, configure, and use the application. With several security best practices as assessment criteria, this dashboard calculates a weighted average, known as the Security Hardening Score. This score is typically the measure of overall security completeness and readiness of PAM360.

PAM Hardening Server - ManageEngine PAM360
PAM Hardening dashboard - ManageEngine PAM360

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