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SDKs and RESTful APIs

PAM360 offers support for developers to weave privileged actions into external and custom applications. This can be done through PAM360's SDKs for Java and Python environments and globally available RESTful APIs.

This eliminates the need for hard-coded credentials in developer environments and simplifies embedding commonly used PAM actions.

Trigger 45+ PAM actions in your applications

Integrate PAM360's capabilities by embedding SDKs/APIs in your applications and seamlessly trigger 45+ privileged actions. Some of these actions include: fetching privileged credentials and resources, rotating passwords, creating new resources, users, and accounts, approving password requests, generating new passwords, and more. This will help you secure developer secrets in an encrypted repository, prevent credential exposure, and seamlessly integrate privileged actions in your application workflows.

Audit every privileged action triggered by your applications

PAM360 creates and maintains audit records whenever an external application triggers PAM actions through SDKs or RESTful APIs. This helps you keep track of all privileged activity in one place and produce on-demand reports for internal audits and compliance requirements.

Configure role-based access control for users with API and SDK access

PAM360 allows you to configure fine-grained, role-based access controls for all privileged users. By default, PAM360 offers six user-roles with varying levels of access. In addition, you can create custom user-roles. Further, you can decide which users have access to create and fetch APIs and SDKs. The API and SDK actions that the user can perform depends on their user-role in PAM360 and level of access to a specific resource.

Click here to learn more about PAM360's SDKs.

SCIM connectors

Using PAM360's SCIM connectors, you can integrate with SCIM supported business applications including your IGA tools and IAM tools, to streamline user management and access provisioning. This helps administrators grant, revoke, and modify user access (at a user and group level) from a unified platform, eliminate context switches, and maintain consolidated audit logs.

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