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Architecture guide

Architecture diagram:

Architecture guide

Modules that ADAudit Plus has to offer:

Event processing engine:

All events that are fetched from the network are processed here before they are stored in the database or a corresponding alert is triggered. It filters logs which aren't needed—as configured by the administrator—and normalizes raw logs to standard formats.

Alerts engine:

Sends out email or SMS notifications based on the configured alert profiles.

Audit Database:

Stores raw and normalized log information from configured devices across your network. ADAudit Plus comes bundled with a PostgreSQL database, users can also choose to use Microsoft SQL databases if needed.

Analytics engine:

Collects information and models a baseline of normal activities to define dynamic thresholds. When an anomaly is detected, an alert is triggered.

External interfaces that ADAudit Plus interacts with:

User interface:

A web interface that runs on a browser and connects to the web server component of tomcat which listens on port number 8081.

Database interface:

ADAudit Plus comes with an in-built PostgreSQL database which listens on port number 33307. The interactions between the product and the database happen using the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interfaces. The product also provides support to connect to MSSQL and MySQL databases.

Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI):

ADAudit Plus interacts with Active Directory through via ADSI. ADSI is a set of Component Object Model (COM) interfaces provided by Microsoft to access the features of the directory services.

Windows Event log:

ADAudit Plus uses the Windows Eventlog API to query event logs from Windows Servers and workstations.

SIEM forwarding:

ADAudit Plus can forward all events to an SIEM solution of your choice. Currently, the tool offers out-of-the-box support for Splunk, ArcSight(CEF) and syslog standards.


ADAudit Plus can send critical alerts to users via email or SMS. An SMTP server configuration is used for sending emails and an SMS provider configuration is used to send SMSes.

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