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ADAudit Plus is a real-time change auditing and user behavior analytics solution that helps secure Active Directory. To resolve the common issues faced during event collection in ADAudit Plus, review these steps. If the issue persists, contact our support team at

List of errors that occur during event collection:

Domain errors

  1. No Domain Configuration available
  2. The Servers are not operational
  3. Unable to get domain DNS / FLAT name
  4. What does "Last Event Read Time" in ADAudit Plus mean?

Reports based errors

  1. No data available
  2. Please install GPMC in the computer where ADAudit Plus is installed. After you install GPMC please Click here
  3. User does not have admin privilege

General errors

  1. RPC server unavailable
  2. Access Denied
  3. Remote Procedure Call Failed
  4. Network Access Denied
  5. A network adapter hardware error occurred
  6. The network path was not found
  7. The parameter is incorrect
  8. The handle is invalid
  9. Not enough memory resources are available to process this command

NetApp filer errors

  1. Network path not found
  2. The system cannot find the file specified

EMC error

  1. The system cannot find the path specified

Synology errors

  1. The system cannot find the path specified/Synology server not found
  2. Share not found/Error in getting shares/Access is denied
  3. Network port already in use/Problem in adding Syslog Port. Address already in use: Cannot bind
  4. Username/Password is Wrong - Error Code:8007052e
  5. No event received or timestamp is not updated

Hitachi errors

  1. The network name cannot be found
  2. There are no more files - Error code - 12
  3. The network path was not found
  4. The system cannot find the path specified
  5. The system cannot find the file specified
  6. Access denied

EMC Isilon errors

Refer the EMC Isilon troubleshooting guide.

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