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A growing need to manage accounts in an organization necessitates an administrator to delegate roles to helpdesks , support staffs, Human Resource and other Users. The privileges that are delegated include user management, Group Management, Computer Management and others.   With Administrator privileges distributed across different users in the domain there is a need to have information on Who did an activity, When was it done, Where was it done from, On Whom and what the action was performed.

The Who, Where and When information is very important for an administrator to have complete knowledge of all activities that occur on his Active Directory. This helps him identify any desired / undesired activity happening.   ADAudit Plus assists an administrator with this information in the form of reports.  

Audit and compliance requirements are becoming mandatory with stricter security requirements imposed by various governments and organizations worldwide. Further IT Administrators require reports and alerts on change actions done by users which are important for security.    ADAudit Plus has a plethora of reports to audit any change that occurs in Active Directory.   These Reports can be configured to suit an administrator's need. ADAudit Plus not only reports on activities done by users but also facilitates alerts. Alerts can be configured to specify the severity of attention that an action done necessitates.

Alerts / Reports from ADAudit Plus can be configured based on need. Further an administrator can define an activity to be a combination of rules and rule groups. ADAudit Plus facilitates custom reports or report profile configuration which facilitates the reporting mechanism to be customized to the users need. A report profile can be customized by restricting the report to be associated with selected domains, organizational units, domain controllers or objects in the Active Directory.

A Dashboard view for easy interpretation of most important Change Actions done in various domains. Multicolor Charts and Graphs to differentiate various change Audit Actions. Customizable report views with addition and removal of desired columns are an highlight of ADAudit Plus. These features makes ADAudit Plus easy to understand software and the audit information extracted to be meaningfully used during audits or to perform any corrective action.

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