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Windows Services Action

This action can be used to start/stop/restart Windows services in the event of an alarm.

To create a Windows Services action, follow the steps given below:

  1. Select the Windows Services Action option from the Actions menu.
  2. Enter the Display Name of the action.
  3. Choose the Action Type to be performed in the event of an alarm. You can choose either Start ServicesStop Services or Restart Services options.
  4. Use the Select Windows Services option to add windows services. Click the Add Services link. The Add Windows Services window will pop up. From this window, you can select Windows services using any of the methods described below:
    • Select from Windows Servers: The Windows servers configured in your Applications Manager will be listed in the screen. Select the monitor type and the monitor from the respective drop-down boxes, and click Show Service link. This will list all the Windows services along with their current statuses. You can choose the services you want to add from this list.
    • Select from Windows Services Template: If you select this option, the services associated with the Windows services templates configured in Applications Manager will be displayed on screen. Select the necessary services from this list and click the Add Services button to add the services.
  5. Specify the Target Servers on which these actions are to be executed. There are three options available here:
    • Auto-select Servers: This option will automatically detect and trigger Windows Services action based on the associated monitor. For example, if the action is associated with a host, the action will be triggered for that particular host. If the action is associated with a Tomcat monitor, this action will be triggered for the host of the Tomcat server.
    • Selected Servers: This option lets you specify the exact servers on which the action will be triggered. You can select the servers from the ones listed.
    • All Servers in the Selected Monitor Group: This option lets you specify the exact servers on which the action will be triggered. You can select the servers from the ones listed.
  6. You can use the Notify after action executes option to receive an email notification once the action is successfully executed. You can either select an existing email address or define new email addresses using the New Action option.
  7. If you want to execute the action during specific time periods, enable the Execute Action based on Business Hours option and select the Business Hour during which the action has to be executed. The action can be configured such that it is executed during or outside the selected Business Hours. Use the drop-down menu to select your time window or click on 'Add New Business Hour' to create a new time window.
  8. Click the Create Action button to finish creating the Windows Services action.

After creating the Virtual Machine action, you can test its execution by clicking the Execute icon execute action of that action.