BitLocker Drive Encryption Management

To effectively secure digital data, it should be encrypted so that it is accessible only by authorized users. BitLocker is a native encryption tool available on certain Windows operating systems. Encrypting Windows machines can be easily done for individual users. On the contrary, encrypting a vast of machines in accordance to the organization's policies becomes exacting. Endpoint Central enables IT admins to manage BitLocker encryption in Windows machines, and effectively monitor the drive encryption statuses of all managed Windows systems across the network. Bitlocker enterprise is an effective manner to manage the encryption of Windows devices seamlessly.

By utilizing Endpoint Central's BitLocker management, IT admins can achieve the following:

1. Centralized management - BitLocker drive encryption, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and additional protector settings are managed from a single console for all computers within the network. Activities such as recovery key generation and maintenance can be automated for smooth operations.

2. Deployment of granular policies - Numerous configurations enable the IT admin to create flexible policies to match their organization's encryption requirements. These policies are mapped to custom groups of targeted computers. These policies are lightweight, so they can be deployed quickly via secure agent-server communications.

3. Extensive monitoring - Audit data is consistently collected and consolidated into detailed reports. Dashboard infographics also provide a quick summary of encryption policies as they are applied to computers in the network. These provisions offer enhanced visibility over the network, and enable the IT admin to easily analyze the BitLocker encryption statuses of all systems so that the data remains safeguarded.

4. BitLocker automatic encryption - Encryption management in BitLocker is the solution for manual deployment, the encryption policy deployed in a single step. By leveraging this capability, automatic deployment provides the option to deploy encryption policies right away to multiple users without admin intervention. Check here to find out how BitLocker gets automatically enabled for encryption.

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