Endpoint management is no longer a job which holds you back on your seat. You can now start managing your desktops and servers anywhere, any time. Perform activities like installing agent on a new computer, retiring computers from the network, patch deployment and much more, all from your mobile phone. Endpoint Central's mobile app can be used to manage Windows, Mac and Linux computers.


Install/ Uninstall Agents

A touch on your smart phone, will invoke installing or removing the Endpoint Central agent from Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Installing agents is the first step in managing computers. Learn more..

Scan computers

You can choose to scan one or more computers, using your smart phone. Scanning the computers will fetch all the hardware and software details of the computer. Learn more..

Fetch Software details

Fetching details of the software that are installed on the computers is all that easy using this app. Learn more..

Fetch Hardware details

Fetch computer details based on the manufacturer, device type, age etc. You can get accurate and detailed report on the hardware inventory. Learn more..

Manage Prohibited Software

Prohibit software, which should not be used in the enterprise. Scan computers and identify computers with prohibited software and uninstall it automatically. Learn more..

Add/ remove computers from SoM

You can add the computers and remove them from Scope of Management (SoM). Removing a computer from SoM, refers to disabling the computer from management. Learn more..

Endless Patch Management

Automate patching Windows, Mac, Linux and 3rd party applications.Learn more..

Advance Remote Control

Initiate remote sessions, troubleshoot computers from anywhere, any time. Leverage this ability for Android and iOS devices as well.Learn more...

Virtual Assistant

Manage endpoints hands-free using Zia, our virtual assistant. This ability is limited to Android devices.Learn more..

Endpoint Central Mobile App

You can download the Endpoint Central mobile app from AppPlay Store. The app is currently available for iOS and android devices. Access to the contents in the mobile app is determined by the role and permissions for every user. For example, if a user has 'read only' role in Endpoint Central, his access using the app will remain the same.

Installing the Endpoint Central Mobile App

Download the mobile app from appstore or playstore , or scan the QR Code below, which will redirect you to download the mobile app. After downloading it, you can access it by providing the details of your Endpoint Central server. You will have to use the same login credentials to login to the mobile app.

Note: Access the demo version of our mobile app by clicking the link to demo in the app login page.

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Key Benefits

  • Manage your desktops & servers 24/7
  • Resolve critical business needs away from your desk
  • Work from anywhere, any time
  • Eliminate wait time, to resolve help desk issues.
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