What is compliance?



Are you frustrated by the never-ending worry of IT regulatory non-compliance? This can bring up questions like "What is compliance?" or "What is compliance management?"

A lack of clarity is just one among the various challenges posed by compliance mandates. These regulations are drafted in a way that is only intelligible to a select group of people, but everyone is required to adhere to them. This is a major hurdle you are required to overcome. Once you get started with implementing the controls, you are confronted by the lengthy cumbersome process of fine-tuning the systems, as well as generating and compiling reports to meet the audit criteria. Overall employee productivity can take a dive as they would have to devote sufficient time and resources trying to meet these requirements.

The consequences of non-compliance

On the other hand, the consequences of non-compliance are severe and must be taken seriously. The repercussions will have a far-reaching negative impact on your organization. The consequences include:

  • Fines and other financial consequences.
  • Loss of trust from the customers and other stakeholders.
  • Lawsuits filed by the affected parties.
  • Implementing corrective measures and addressing negative brand image, which both require significant resource allocation and will inevitably lead to decreased productivity.

Understanding compliance management

This compliance guide is designed to serve as your go-to destination for understanding everything related to compliance. With simple explanations, this guide makes the complex information on regulatory mandates accessible to everyone—be it IT admins or regular employees.