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    Converting EventLog Analyzer standard edition to a managed server

    You can convert your standalone EventLog Analyzer installation (Standard Edition) into a Managed Server installation of distributed edition by following the below steps:

    1. Shut down EventLog Analyzer installation.
    2. Backup the database.
    3. Execute the ConvertToManagedServer.bat/sh file located in <EventLog Analyzer Home>/troubleshooting with administrative privilege.
    4. Enter y and press the Enter key to continue.
    5. Enter the details such as the name or the IP address, web port, and web server protocol of the managed server and the admin server.
    6. If you want to configure a proxy server, enter y for the next query and then enter the proxy server details such as the proxy server name, port number, username, and password.
    7. You will see a success message if EventLog Analyzer has been converted from the standalone installation into a managed server installation of the distributed edition.
    8. Open the admin server console to which you've linked this managed server and navigate to Settings > Configurations > Managed Server Settings to ensure that the converted server is listed.

    If your managed server is unable to reach the admin server, please ensure the following:

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