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    Manage Predefined Reports

    EventLog Analyzer allows you to personalize the appearance of the reports page as required. You can customize the arrangement of reports and report groups.

    Customizing the arrangement of reports and report groups

    To customize the arrangement of reports and report groups, follow the steps given below.

    • Open EventLog Analyzer and click on the Reports tab.
    • Click on Manage Reports at the bottom of the left panel. Then, click on Manage Predefined Reports at the top right corner.
    • Select the required log source by clicking on the corresponding tab.
    • The arrangement of the sub-categories of the log sources, as seen on the top bar of the reports page, will be displayed. For example, when Devices is chosen as the log source, the top bar will display the first few devices and the rest is displayed in a drop-down list. You can choose to have your most-used devices displayed first in the top bar to ensure easy access.
    • To change the order of devices, hover the mouse pointer on the space to the left of the device name. A icon will appear.
    • Use the icon to drag and drop the devices in the required order.
    • You can also enable or disable reports by clicking on the toggle button under the Enable/Disable Format column corresponding to the required device.
    • Similarly, you can also rearrange the reports inside each report group by clicking on the report group and following the steps mentioned above.
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