Licensing Exchange Reporter Plus

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is licensed based on the number of mailboxes that you wish to monitor. You can choose to manage specific mailboxes using the Manage/Unmanage option available in the solution (Settings → Admin → Utilities → License Management). You'll be licensed only for the number mailboxes that you manage.

Trial license

When you download and install the product, it will start in the trial mode. This is fully functional for 60 days. In the trial mode, data is gathered for reporting, auditing, and monitoring from your entire Exchange organization. Once the trial period is over, the trial license expires and the free version is activated. The free version fetches data for 25 mailboxes in your Exchange organization. However, reports on the previously fetched data can still be viewed and used.

Commercial version

You can convert to the commercial version from the trial mode by applying a valid ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus license at anytime. This license can be applied during the trial period or even after the trial period has expired. You can either opt for a subscription license (for a particular period of time) or a perpetual license. To continue using the licensed software beyond the subscribed duration, you must renew your license at least 10 days before the expiration of the term.

Note: If you wish to extend your trial period to explore the product further, reach out to our technical support engineers.

Under the commercial version there are two editions: Standard and Professional. The features offered under both the versions are compared and summarized here.

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