Configure pfSense Firewalls

    Firewall Analyzer supports pfSense firewal versions 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 or higher

    Configure pfSense Firewalls

    Configure pfSense device to forward syslog data to Firewall Analyzer.

    1. Log into the pfsense Web Interface.
    2. Navigate to Status > System Logs > Settings

    Note: Select 'BSD (RFC 3164, default)' under Log Message Format.

    1. Check Enable Remote Logging.
    2. Enter the IP address and syslog UDP port of Firewall Analyzer in the Remote log servers field.
    3. Click Save.




    You need to enable 'Default Allow Logging'.

    • To enable logging of allowed packets from the default allow rule, go to to Status > System Logs > Settings tab, then check Log packets allowed by the default rule.
    • Click Save to apply the changes.