Remote Device Manager Tool

This free tool manages the devices connected to a remote computer.
It allows you to perform operations like enable, disable, update or uninstall the devices attached to the remote computer in your domain.

"I really liked the Remote Device Manager application as it provides access much easier than opening up the Microsoft applet and remoting to a machine from there. This will give me a quick way to stay on top of our expensive graphics cards (who has which one) that impacts the applications the users access daily."Perry White

This can also be used to manage keyboards, monitors, mice, battery, processor, USB controller, disk drivers, imaging devices, storage volume, display adapter, network adapter etc.,

Follow the steps below:
  1. To know about setting up the tool click here.
  2. Select the Domain name available in the left pane.
  3. Select the Computer from which connected devices data should be retrieved.
  4. Click Remote Device Manager to retrieve the device details from the remote computer.
  5. On the search box, search for the devices you want to manage.
  6. Right click on the device to manage it. You can choose to enable, disable,update or uninstall the device connected to the remote computer.
  7. Click Refresh to get the latest programs and processes from that computer.
  8. The report for the remote computer can be generated by clicking on CSV option.