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Password release control and advanced workflow

Constant supervision of password access and usage is vital to avoid unauthorized operations. Along the same lines, adding an extra layer of security for your passwords can help administer access restrictions and handle access attempts by employees and external vendors alike.

Request-release workflows and multiple admin approvals for password retrieval.

Password Manager Pro's release controls help manage access to sensitive resources. Users requiring access to a password just have to raise a request with the admin, along with a credible reason. This allows the admin to scrutinize access requests before approval, and reject invalid requests. If needed, dual approvals can be configured, which necessitates two or more admins to approve a request before the passwords are released.

Get approvals in advance when your admins are away.

There may be times when an admin is unavailable to approve requests. Thankfully, Password Manager Pro lets admins schedule approval of requests in advance. The authorized admin can also configure automatic approval of requests as and when they are raised, and also choose to be notified upon approval. This provision also enables admins to set up automatic approval of requests that are raised during a specific time period in the day for instance, automatically approve all requests raised between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

Release passwords for a limited time period.

Upon approval, provision your users with exclusive, temporary access to the password for a specified time frame. After the specified time period, the released password will become void and the user will lose access. You can also give your admins the option to revoke access and forcefully check in passwords during usage.

Reset passwords upon usage.

To avoid unauthorized access attempts in the future, you can enforce automatic password reset once users give up control and check in the passwords after use. This eliminates any possibility of users gaining improper access to IT resources.

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