Customize User Logon Page


Using this feature of ADSelfService Plus,you can customize the user logon page.The process of customization is brought about using the "drag and drop" method.

This feature comprises of two different fields.They are:

Pre-Defined Field:


These are the default elements that are provided to you (admin).There are five different fields available.

Operations That Can Be Performed On The Pre-Defined Elements:


Though the Pre-Defined elements are default ones,you have the right to 'edit or delete' these options from the user logon page.To modify the pre-defined elements,you are provided with the following options:


The deleted element can be re-enabled by clicking and dragging the same from the 'Pre-Defined Elements Area' available on the left side of the Logon Page Customizer.


Custom Field:

You can add new attributes onto the user logon page using this custom field. The elements that can be added are

To view the working of the above mentioned options, click "CUSTOM FIELD ATTRIBUTES"

User Logon Dialog Box:


Just as you can reposition various fields on the user logon page,you can also re-map the 'user logon box'.Moving the mouse pointer over this dialog box enables "Hide" button,which when clicked leads to another dialog box.


The newly popped-up dialog box contains "Keep The Logon Form Hidden By Default" checkbox. Checking this option would disable the user logon box.


Enabling The User Logon Box:


To enable the User Logon Box ,click on 'Show' icon (which appears when the logon box is in a disabled state).

Steps Involved In Configuring The User Logon Page:

  1. Click on "Customize User Logon Page" link on the 'Logon Settings' page (Admin --> Customize --> Logon Settings)

  2. Drag and position the "Pre Defined Elements" in the desired locations

  3. Click on "Custom Fields" and add the fields of your choice from the options available.

  4. Click on "Preview This Settings" to view the page before being saved

  5. Hit the "SAVE" button to save the configured settings.





Using this attribute you can add ( as well as format) the text on the user logon page.Clicking this option would pop up a window via which you can configure the text to be displayed on the user logon page.




Create links to other web pages with the help of this Add Link Attribute. Clicking on this option would pop up another window which contains the following two fields:



Add images onto the 'User Logon Page' with the help of this 'Add Image Attribute'.


ADD LINE:(Horizontal & Vertical)


Using this 'Add Line' option,you can add lines onto the 'User Logon Page'. The lines that you create can be moved as well as resized as you desire.





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