Install SSL certificates for ADSelfService Plus

You need to secure the connection between the ADSelfService Plus server and the users web-browser to protect the data transferred between them. To do this, you must enable SSL in ADSelfService Plus and establish an encrypted link between the two entities.

SSL Certificate installment can be done in following two ways,

Applying existing certificate

  1. Select Apply Certificate if you want to use an existing certificate.
  2. Click Browse to upload the certificate.
    Note: ADSelfService Plus supports only Triple DES-SHA1 encryption protocol.
  3. In Certificate Password field, enter the password of the uploaded certificate.
  4. SSL Cert

  5. Click Apply.

Generating and applying certificate

  1. If you want to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and manually bind it with ADSelfService Plus, click Generate Certificate.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details by referring to the table below:
  3. Common Name The name of the server in which ADSelfService Plus is running.

    SAN Name

    The names of the additional hosts (sites, IP addresses, etc.) to be protected by the SSL certificate.

    Organizational Unit

    The department name that you want to appear in the certificate.


    The legal name of your organization.


    The city name as provided in your organization’s registered address.


    The state/province as provided in your organization’s registered address.

    Country Code

    The two-letter code of the country in which your organization is located.


    A password must be at least six characters. The more complex the password, the better the security.

    Validity (In days)

    The number of days the certificate should be valid. If no value is provided, it will be set to 90 days

    Public Key Length (In bits)

    The public key length. The larger the size, the stronger the key. The default size is 1024 bits and can be incremented only in multiples of 64.

  4. If you want a CA-signed CSR certificate, click Generate CSR.
  5. SSL Cert2

  6. If you want to generate a self-signed certificate, click Generate & Apply Self-Signed Certificate.


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