Mail Server Settings

ADSelfService Plus can send email notifications to users.

Configuring mail server

  1. Navigate to Admin → Product Settings → Mail / SMS Settings
  2. Click Mail Settings tab.
  3. config_mail

  4. Specify the name or IP address of the Mail Server and its Port number in the respective boxes provided.
  5. In the From Address field, enter the email address that should be used to send out report emails.
  6. Choose the Connection Security (SSL, TLS, or none) from the drop-down menu. This setting is used to secure the transmission of data between ADSelfService Plus and other applications.
  7. Select Authentication, and enter the Username and Password of the Mail Server to prevent anonymous logins.
  8. Click Save Settings
  9. Note: Once the mail server settings are successfully saved, a test mail will be sent to the admin email address.

Notification Settings

  1. Select License Expiration Notification to alert admins when:

    • There are 'n' days until the ADSelfService Plus license expires. 
    • There are 'n' available ADSelfService Plus license.
    • An ADSelfService Plus license expires. 

  2. Select Enable Downtime Notification receive an email when the server is down.
  3. Select Enable Notify admin when the application shuts down unexpectedly.
  4. Select Enable Product Update Notification to receive alerts on latest feature updates.
  5. Select Enable Event and Workshop Notification to receive alerts on events and workshopt conducted ManageEngine.
  6. If you want to alert users via the secondary email address, and not the primary one, select Enable Notification to All Secondary Mails of Users.
  7. Click Save Settings
  8. .


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