Updating Cached Password over VPN

ADSelfService Plus can update local cached credentials stored in users’ machines, so that remote users can access their machines even if they forget their passwords.


How it works


Cached Credentials Update - How it works

Fig 1: Image showing how Cached Credential is updated by the GINA/CP Client

  1. When remote users forget their passwords, they can use ADSelfService Plus’s GINA/CP client to reset their password from the logon screen of their machines.

  2. ADSelfService Plus resets the password in Active Directory, and the new password is received by the GINA/CP client.

  3. The GINA/CP client establishes a secure connection with the Active Directory through the VPN client and initiates a request for updating the cached credentials using the user's new credentials.

  4. Once the request is approved by Active Directory, the GINA/CP client updates the cached password with the new password in the users’ local machines.


Supported VPN clients:

If your preferred VPN client is not present in the above list, please contact support@adselfserviceplus.com and let us know. We will check the feasibility and add support for the VPN.


Configuration Steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration --> Administrative Tools --> GINA/Mac (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

  2. Click Updating Cached Credentials over VPN.

  3. Select Enable VPN settings.

  4. Select the VPN client form the drop-down list.

  5. Enter the VPN hostname or IP address and port no in their respective fields.

  6. Enter the location where the VPN client is installed on the users' machines.

  7. Click Save.

  • The VPN client settings will be applied to users’ machines when the GINA/CP client is installed or when the GINA/CP scheduler runs.