Password sync

Using this feature, you can synchronize:

  1. Passwords via the real-time password synchronizer.
  2. Passwords via custom scripts.

Password Synchronizer

Under Password Synchronizer, you can


Post Action

Under Post Action, you can:

Post Action

Important security considerations

The steps mentioned below must be adhered to while implementing custom scripts:

Decoding Arguments

Insufficient input validation of command line commands allows a threat actor to execute arbitrary commands on the host operating system. To protect users from these attacks, all arguments to the script will be encoded in Base64. These arguments should be decoded in the script before they are executed.

Note: To facilitate the above, the scripts folder comes with two files - sample-base64.vbs and sample-base64.ps1. These files contain sample code to decode from Base64.

Decoding Base64 in VBScript:

A helper file present in [Installation Directory]/Scripts/utils/Base64Decoder.vbs contains the Base64Decode function. You can utilize this function in your scripts to decode Base64 value.

Decoding Base64 in VBScript

For Each arg In WScript.Arguments
   	Dim decodedArg
   	decodedArg = Base64Decode(arg)
   	f.WriteLine("Before decoding: " + arg)
   	f.WriteLine("After decoding: " + decodedArg)

Decoding Base64 in PowerShell script:

Decoding Base64 in PowerShell script

foreach ($arg in $args) {
	$decodedArg = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString([System.Convert]::FromBase64String($arg))
   	Add-Content -Path sample-base64-test.txt -Value "Before decoding: $arg"
	Add-Content -Path sample-base64-test.txt -Value "After decoding: $decodedArg"


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