Password Synchronization with AD LDS Server

Steps to configure AD LDS Server with ADSelfService Plus

  1. Go to Configuration --> Self-Service --> Password Synchronizer

  2. Click AD LDS link. You will be presented with the AD LDS configuration page.

  3. Enter the system name or IP address of the AD LDS Server

  4. Enter the domainName of the AD LDS Server in distinguished name format. For example, dc=example,dc=com.

  5. Enter the username of the AD LDS Server. It may be AD-DS (Active Directory Domain Service) user or AD-LDS user. AD-DS name could be either in sAMAccountName or NetBIOSDomainName\sAMAccountName . AD-LDS user name should only be in distinguished name format.For example, cn=directory_manager,dc=example,dc=com.

  6. Enter the password of the AD LDS Server.

  7. Note: The username and password must belong to the administrator account of the server in which AD LDS is installed.

  8. Enter the LDAP (default port for LDAP is 50000) and LDAP SSL (default port for LDAP SSL is 50001) port number of the AD LDS Server.

  9. If we configured User Name from AD-LDS service, SSL should be enabled in AD-LDS service in order for the password changes to work in ADSSP.

  10. Enter a brief description of the system

  11. Select the Self-Service Policies by clicking the plus icon. Password Synchronization will be possible for only those users who fall under the selected self-service policies.

  12. Click Save

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