Security Question & Answers

When multi-factor authentication using security questions and answers is enabled, users are required to answer the questions previously configured by them during enrollment.

  1. Navigate to Configuration → Self-Service → Multi-factor Authentication → Authenticators Setup.
  2. From the Choose the Policy dropdown, select a policy.

    Note: ADSelfService Plus allows you to create OU and group-based policies. To create a policy, go to Configuration → Self-Service → Policy Configuration → Add New Policy. Click Select OUs/Groups, and make the selection based on your requirements. You need to select at least one self-service feature. Finally, click Save Policy.

  3. Click Security Question & Answer section.
  4. SQA-TAB

  5. Specify the number of administrator-defined questions to be asked during the identity verification process. For instance, if you set the administrator-defined question as 2 and have defined those two questions by clicking the Edit Questions link, users will now be required to answer those questions to verify their identity.

    How to add a custom question:

    • Click the Edit Questions link.
    • In the window that opens, enter the question you want to ask the user in the Add New Question field.
    • Click Add.

    How to edit/delete an existing question:

    • Click the Edit Questions link.
    • In the window that opens, click the edit icon to edit a question.
    • Click the delete icon to delete a question. Removing a question here will remove the question from the end users' question list during enrollment.

    How to make a question mandatory:

    • Click the asterisk icon to make a question mandatory. Making a question mandatory will force the user to provide an answer to that question.
  6. Specify the number of user-defined questions; that is, the number of questions the user can configure during the enrollment process.
  7. Specify the maximum and the minimum number of characters required in the user-defined questions.
  8. Configure the maximum and the minimum number of characters required in the answers provided by users.

    Tip :
    Advanced options for security questions and answers : Go to Configuration → Self-Service → Multi-factor Authentication → Advanced. In the window that opens, go to the Q&A Settings tab.

    Advanced Sqa Config

  9. Click Save.


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