Directory Self-Service-Deployment

Directory self-update

Using ADSelfService Plus' Directory Self-update feature, users can update their Active Directory profile information like their mail ID, mobile number, without administrator intervention. This reduces the help desk workload. The steps for configuring directory self-update are:

  • Create a self-service policy for the domain and select directory self-update along with any other self-service features necessary.
  • Create a self-update layout by specifying the fields that should be displayed to users.
  • Assign a policy to the layout, thereby allowing the users under that policy to update their information in the fields provided in the layout.

The feature also allows setting important fields as mandatory thereby forcing users to update information in those fields. To know the steps for configuring directory self-service, Click here.

Employee Search and Organization Chart

ADSelfService Plus allows employees to search for information on other employees (users, contacts, and groups) in the organization. Configuration involves:

  • Specifying the self-service policy and OUs in the domain. Employees under a self-service policy can search for users from the specified OUs.
  • Selecting the types of employees (users, contacts, and groups) that can be searched for.
  • Selecting the employee information that can be displayed during the search and the search criteria that can be used for the search.

You simply have to select the Enable Organization Chart checkbox in the Advanced settings section in order to allow end-users to view the Organization Chart that displays all the employees in the organizational hierarchy. To know more about Employee Search and Organization Chart, Click here.

Mail group subscription

This feature allows domain users to subscribe themselves to mail groups. This reduces the user's dependency on the help desk. To configure:

  • Select the domain in which the mail groups are present.
  • Select the mail groups and the users who are allowed to self-subscribe to the mail groups.
Click here to know more about Mail Group Subscription.


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