Licensed Users Report:

This report lists the users who have been allotted with ADSelfService Plus licenses. The scenarios in which license consumption takes place are:

The information provided by this report is helpful for the effective management of users' licenses. To learn more about ADSelfService Plus licensing, click here. The report displays the users’ OU and enrollment status.

Report filtering and generation


Click any of the columns to view the report's entries in ascending or descending order.


Export and More

User Deletion

This report provides a Delete option that lets you remove users from the report, thereby also removing the ADSelfService Plus licenses assigned to them. This offers an effective way to manage the licenses available by freeing up licenses from users who no longer use the product.

Note:Deleting users from the Licensed Users Report will completely remove the corresponding user's enrollment data from ADSelfService Plus.
Note:The License Info drop-down provides administrators with information on various statistics regarding license consumption, like the total number of licenses purchased, consumed, and available. It also displays the number of licensees who have or have not enrolled with the product.


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