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Password Expiry Email Notification

Password expiry notifications play a crucial role in maintaining the security posture of an organization. This alert reminds users and admins about the soon-to-be-expired passwords and asks them to reset them as soon as possible so that the accounts are always guarded against attackers. However, such notifications are often missed or taken too lightly by most of the users. But as an admin, you can make these notifications more compelling, holistic, and appealing.

ADSelfService Plus sends email notifications for password and account expiration.

Email notifications for password expiration in ADSelfService Plus

Password expiry email notifications in ADSelfService Plus can be customized to suit your needs. You can decide on the frequency of notification being sent, alter its content, and also configure specific group or OU to which the notifications must be sent.

You can achieve all of this and more with ADSelfService Plus notification schedulers that allows you to create a profile for different types of email notification.

password expiration notification email template

How to set up email notifications for password expiration with ADSelfService Plus

  1. Login to ADSelfService Plus as admin.
  2. Go to Configuration > Self-Service > Password Expiry Notification.
  3. Click Add New Notification.

    set up email notifications for password expiration

  4. You can decide:
    • How often the notification is sent.
    • At what time of the day the notification is sent.
    • From when these notifications should be sent.
    • To which domain, group, or OUs this notification is sent.
    • The content of the notification.
  5. Click Save.

Benefits of ADSelfService Plus

  • Improved ROI: Witness exponential reductions in costs due to password tickets after deploying ADSelfService Plus.
  • Enhanced user experience: Empower users to take responsibility of their own passwords and profile information. This will add value to the role they play in the organization while reducing the load on the helpdesk team.
  • Flexibility and security: ADSelfService Plus allows users to reset passwords and unlock accounts from anywhere, at any time. You can also create different policies for different types of users in the organization according to their role and level of access to sensitive data.
  • Simplified auditing and tracking: ADSelfService Plus includes several exhaustive reports that give the administrator a holistic overview of users' password status in all connected domains. This makes collecting data for legal auditing easy.

Send compelling and persistent password expiry notifications
with ADSelfService Plus

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