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How to: Change Active Directory user passwords remotely

The following is a comparison between the steps involved in changing local user passwords remotely with Windows PowerShell and ADSelfService Plus, a comprehensive password management tool:

With PowerShell

  • Change the Active Directory password for a user account
    Executing this code will reset the password for a single user in Azure Active Directory.
    $Password = Read-Host -AsSecureString
    $UserAccount = Get-LocalUser -Name "User02"
    $UserAccount | Set-LocalUser -Password $Password
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  • Allow users to change their passwords themselves, based on OU and group membership
    No supported.

With ADSelfService Plus

  • Self-service change password
    • Go to ADSelfService Plus admin portal.
    • Navigate to Configuration > Self-Service > Policy Configuration.
    • Select Change Password.
    • Click Select OUs/Groups to granularly select which set of users need to be empowered with change password option.
    • Click Save.

Once the password change option is configured in ADSelfService Plus, all users can securely change their Active Directory password from the end-user portal.


With ADSelfService Plus, even the VPN and OWA users can change their passwords remotely through a secure web-portal. That means, ADSelfService Plus also updates the cached credentials stored on the user’s machine.

Simplify Active Directory password self-service with ADSelfService Plus.

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