Deliver a superior service experience with a visual overview of your IT infrastructure.

Trace the relationships between configuration items and track the incidents, service requests, problems, changes, and releases associated with them to enhance the service experience.

ITIL configuration management database tool

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Essential features in ServiceDesk Plus for building an effective CMDB

IT asset discovery

Scan and discover all your IT assets and their information easily using different techniques, such as a Windows domain scan, script scan, or agent-based scan.

Custom CIs and relationship types

Create CIs, organize them into categories for quick reference, and assign them predefined or custom CI relationship types. Define direct and inverse relationships for easier impact analysis. Import all CIs into ServiceDesk Plus effortlessly using CSV files and CMDB APIs for an accurate record of all their information.

Visual relationship builder

Map out the relationship between every CI in the inventory on a drag-and-drop interface and visualize statuses, impacts, relationship types, and more for easier decision-making in terms of planned changes, incident management, and asset management.

CI inventory

Easily access all CIs in your inventory irrespective of type using the CMDB list view, and use filters to view the CIs under each CI type. You can add CIs under a CI type, modify a CI’s type, view CIs in the relationship map, or even delete CIs in one go, all in one place.

Business views

Build custom relationship maps specific to a service or a critical CI, and track their dependencies quickly. Access all the information on each CI and its associated CIs at the click of a button.

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Here are some main points to consider while building an effective CMDB for better ITSM:

  • Plan your CMDB based on the business outcome that is envisioned.
  • Take input from relevant IT teams within the organization, involve them in identifying team goals and requirements, and collect accurate data from stakeholders.
  • Do your research and find a service desk tool that comes with a flexible CMDB and allows you to customize the structure and data according to how your IT functions.
  • Consider the CMDB as the single point of reference for assets and all IT infrastructure, and avoid duplicated databases containing items already included in your CMDB.
  • Choose a tool that gives you the advantage of automation in recognizing new configuration items and updates on previously recorded CIs, as well as recording these changes in the CMDB.
  • Finally, allow the CMDB to grow with your organization. This requires starting with what data is already available and slowly building up the CMBD into the comprehensive database it’s meant to be.

Other ITSM processes available in ServiceDesk Plus

  • IT asset management

    Easily discover, track, and manage IT and non-IT assets, and keep tabs on software licenses, cost and depreciation, purchase details, and more.

  • IT incident management

    Swiftly recover from interruptions and service breakdowns by logging, tracking, and managing IT incidents effectively with our PinkVERIFY-certified incident management process.

  • IT problem management

    Identify underlying issues in incidents, record symptoms, and provide workarounds and solutions easily.

  • IT change management

    Design and implement IT changes with minimal risk using customizable change workflows. Convert incidents and problems into changes easily, log new changes, and manage IT changes efficiently.

  • Enterprise service management

    Extend proven IT service management (ITSM) best practices to departments like HR and facilities with rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities.

  • Advanced analytics

    Get to the bottom of your ITSM processes, and analyze their performance with accurate, customizable, and easy-to-extract reports.

  • Software asset management tool
  • IT incident management software
  • IT problem management software
  • IT change management software
  • Enterprise service management (ESM)
  • Advanced analytics

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