Recording Remote Sessions

Remote Access Plus comes with the capability to let you carefully supervise your remote sessions by recording them.

Why should you record remote sessions?

  1. Recording your sessions will let you keep track of absolutely everything that happens during a remote session.
  2. The recorded files makes auditing efforless.
  3. Certain troubleshooting operations are tricky and may involve a lot of steps. These recorded files can serve as training materials.

How to enable screen recording?

  1. From your Remote Access Plus web console, navigate to Tools tab -> Remote Control -> Screen Recording.
  2. Check the Enable Screen Recording option.
  3. Select the compressor and decompresser format for the video. If the selected Codec is not available on the remote computer, the default codec will be used.
  4. Specify the number of Frames per second. Higher the frames per second, smoother will be your mouse movements and it will also increase the size of the video. If it is just for auditing purposes, it is better to leave it with the default value.
  5. Select the color quality. i.e, the number of pixels used to represent the color of a single pixel.  Higher the color quality, broader the range of color depth. But, it will also increase the size of the video.
  6. Specify the Maximum Storage size for the recorded videos. When the storage limit exceeds, the previously recorded files will automatically be deleted to increase the disk space.
  7. Specify what should be done when the disk in the remote computer runs out of space while the session is in progress. You can either choose to stop the recording and continue with the session or disconnect the session.
  8. If you want only authenticated users to download the recorded videos, then you can enable the check box which will prompt the user for Remote Access Plus server’s username and password before downloading the videos.
  9. If you wish to notify the users that the remote control session is being recorded, select the Enable User Notification checkbox and specify the Notification Message and save.

You have now successfully configured the settings to record every remote control settings.

How to download the recorded remote session videos?

To download the recorded remote sessions, navigate to Reports tab -> Remote Control History -> click the Download Video button against the remote session you want to download.