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ManageEngine User Conference 2016
New Jersey

June 1 - 2, 2016


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Mark your calendar for two days of unlimited learning and fun at the ManageEngine User Conference in New Jersey.

  1. icon-featureCheck out new product features & updates, integration, new product launches - all aimed at keeping you ahead of the curve.
  2. Attend live demos - Understand the product and learn about the latest trends through customer case studies
  3. Participate in 1-on-1 sessions with our experts and network with peers


See you again next year!


07:00 - 08:30 AM
Registration and breakfast
08:30 - 09:00 AM
Welcome address - Raj Sabhlok, president, ManageEngine
09:00 - 09:45 AM
End-to-End IT management using ServiceDesk Plus - Rajesh Ganesan, director of product management
09:45 - 10:00 AM
Q & A panel
10:00 - 10:15 AM
ManageEngine PitStop - Why community matters to you - by Vidya Vasu, head of ManageEngine community
10:15 - 10:30 AM
Coffee break
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
10:30 - 12:30 PM
ServiceDesk Plus
The underpinning of a successful help desk by Kumar Ramki, product manager
  • Learn to deliver an awesome help desk by knitting together the incident management, service catalog, and self service modules of ServiceDesk Plus.
  • ServiceDesk Plus incident and request management tips and tricks.
Operational transformationÑ Trends, requirements, and real life examples by Dennis Drogseth, VP, EMA
  • How can IT organizations move beyond silo-based ways of working to optimize advances in monitoring, analytics, and automation in support of trends such as cloud, and digital transformation?
  • How should operations and ITSM teams work more closely together to make this happen? What are the technology, process, and cultural changes that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is witnessing to make these changes a reality?
OpManager 12 - Achieving insight and control over network operations by Gowrisankar Chinnayan, head of support, ManageEngine.
  • Find out how increased visibility across all aspects of your network combined with instant control for troubleshooting faults can help reduce MTTR.
  • Learn how you can cut down your operational and maintenance overhead with an integrated NMS.
Password Manager Pro
Privileged access management strategies to prevent security breaches by Rajesh Ganesan
  • Real-world scenarios: Hacking of privileged accounts by hackers and insiders.
  • Security risks in the software supply chain
  • Issues associated with third-party access to internal systems.
  • Vulnerabilities associated with mismanagement of SSH keys.
  • Strategies for managing and monitoring privileged access.
  • Importance of real-time monitoring, session management, and essential security controls.
12:30 - 01:30 PM
01:30 - 03:00 PM
ServiceDesk Plus
The move to mature IT service management by Prem Maheswaran, product specialist
  • See how IT change and project management in ServiceDesk Plus can ensure increase control and efficiency.
  • ServiceDesk Plus change management tips and tricks.
5 reasons why an integrated NMS works best for today's enterprise networks by Saulo Britto, ceo, Pinpoint
  • Learn the importance of integrated network management software.
  • Learn how one customer uses OpManager for managing his clients' networks.
  • Discover the best practices used to overcome the network management challenges.
EventLog Analyzer
Log and compliance management made easy by Vivin Sathyan, product specialist
  • Universal log collection and analysis: Explore how to collect and process log data in any format using custom log parser.
  • Meeting compliance needs: Discover how to build new compliance reports or modify existing ones to meet expanding auditing needs.
A complete SIEM tool to combat security threats
  • Find out how to view security data across network from a single console.
  • Learn how to prevent network intrusions at end point devices level.
SharePoint Manager Plus
SharePoint on-premise and Office 365 server monitoring and auditing by Harish Sekar, product specialist
  • Ease out SharePoint management, monitoring, and auditing with out of the box reports and real-time alerts.
  • Find out how to archive audit log data for a flexible time period and comply with regulatory mandates.
03:00 - 03:15 PM
Coffee break
03:15 - 05:00 PM
ServiceDesk Plus
Make IT a profit center for your business by Santosh Mahiban, product specialist
  • Explore how to run a tight IT ship with ServiceDesk Plus asset management and establish a profitable IT centre.
  • ServiceDesk Plus asset management tips and tricks.
Analytics Plus
Advanced Analytics for ITSM by Rakesh Jayaprakash, product specialist
  • Informed decision making with advanced analytics for ServiceDesk plus & beyond.
End users over infrastructure: The paradigm shift in IT management by Bharani Kumar, marketing analyst
  • Discover why IT should be monitored from the end-user perspective and not the infrastructure perspective.
  • Learn why it is critical to align your IT policies around the end user. 
Do more with OpManager by Aravind Lenin, product specialist
  • Deep dive into NetFlow Analyzer and Network Configuration Manager add-ons.
Exchange Reporter Plus
Exchange Monitoring by Harish Sekar
  • Exchange Server, Database, and DAG Monitoring.
  • Mail Flow, ECP Connectivity and Exchange Service Health Monitoring. 
Exchange Reporting & Auditing by Harish Sekar
  • Mailbox Size, OWA and Mail Traffic Monitoring.
  • Mailbox Properties, Permission and Logon Auditing.

FileAudit Plus
Change alerting & compliance assurance for NTFS by Vivian Sathyan
  • Tracking file/ folder changes through built-in reports.
  • Report scheduling: File audit data in your inbox.
  • Report customization and alerting.
  • Detecting anomalies and threats using email alerts.
  • Demonstrating PCI (11.5), SOX, & FISMA compliance in Windows file server environments.
Office365 Manager Plus
Gain real insights into Office 365 by Vivian Sathyan
  • Monitor mailbox size, mailbox content and inactive mailboxes
  • Identity top senders and receivers as well as top spam and malware recipients
  • Get a complete inventory of Office 365 users, groups and license usage
  • Learn to customize, export, schedule and embed Office 365 reports 
05:00 - 06:00 PM
07:00 - 08:30 AM
Registration and breakfast
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
08:30 - 10:00 AM
Endpoint Central
Automating patch management by Romanus Raymond, product specialist
  • Learn how to set up automated patch deployment for Microsoft and third-party applications.
Effective IT asset management by Ashok Antony Paulraj, product specialist
  • Real-time IT asset management: Gain insight on software usage statistics and licensing.
Applications Manager
Panel Discussion with Dennis Drogseth and Saulo Britto
  • Discuss the recent trends in applications management.
Get the big picture: Best practices for monitoring big data and NoSQL technologies by Arun Balachandran, senior marketing analyst
  • How to get deep visibility into your NoSQL technologies, get to the root cause of problems quickly, and free up your time to do real work.

Web performance measurement: Playback robots, web user monitoring, and app server analytics by Arun Balachandran

  • How you measure page loading can dramatically impact your view of a website's performance. Learn the difference between synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, server-side monitoring technology and discover the purpose each one serves.
ServiceDesk Plus
The power of ServiceDesk Plus extensions by Prem Maheswaran
  • Learn to unlock the hidden powers of ServiceDesk Plus extensions and use them in your IT infrastructure.

Tips and tricks to squeeze more value out of ServiceDesk Plus 
by Prem Maheswaran
  • So you think you know it all about ServiceDesk Plus? Listen to the ManageEngine expert talk about tips, tricks, hacks and all the hidden features in ServiceDesk Plus that can help pack a punch to your IT service delivery. Come prepared to be surprised!
10:00 - 10:15 AM
Coffee break
10:15 - 12:30 PM
Endpoint Central
Software distribution made simple by Romanus Raymond
  • Learn how Endpoint Central helps mitigate your software distribution challenges with predefined templates and more.
Remote Management by Ashok Antony Paulraj
  • Extend your reach: securely access and manage remote desktops
Tips & tricks by Romanus Raymond
  • Come check out some tips and tricks to make desktop management simpler.

OS Deployer
Desktop provisioning and OS deployment by Ashok Antony Paulraj
  • Master the fundamentals of operating system imaging and deployment with OS Deployer.
Applications Manager
Improve conversion rates and avoid website abandonment by Arun Balachandran
  • User experience is most critical to the success of e-commerce. Find out how Applications Manager can help improve your conversion rate, gain insight into user experience, evaluate performance of third-party contents and optimize your web pages for a better performing website.

Cloud monitoring amps up traditional tools by Gibu Kurian Mathew, director of product management
  • Monitor cloud and IT services from a global perspective.
  • Understand real user experience from end user's browser.
  • Monitor mobile sites and applications.
DevOps for Windows administrators by Rex Antony Peter, manager support and presales
  • Flexibility using an agent-based server monitoring approach.
  • Plugins help you remain in control.
  • Full API access to our client gives enormous flexibility.
ADManager Plus - ServiceDesk Plus Integration
by Vivin sathyan
  • Create and delete user accounts in AD directly from ServiceDesk Plus
  • Associate service request templates with corresponding actions to be performed in AD
ADManager Plus
Simplify AD and Office 365 user creation; automate crucial AD tasks by Vivin Sathyan
  • Learn to create AD users, with O365 accounts and Exchange mailboxes, in a single click; bulk manage O365 licenses; and automate AD cleanup.
Extract reports and manage AD on the fly by Vivin Sathyan
  • Learn how to use the predefined reports to extract vital data from AD and execute management tasks from the reports.
  • Learn to use ADManager Plus' iOS and Android apps, to manage AD on the go.

ADSelfService Plus
Tips for effective self-service password management by Harish Sekar

Discover how to:
  • Strengthen password self-service using the latest multi-factor authentication techniques.
  • Automatically enroll users with a CSV file or using an external data source.
  • Remind users about their password and account expiration via SMS and email.
Streamline access to SaaS apps by Harish Sekar

Learn how to:
  • Provide one-click access to SaaS apps using single sign-on.
  • Sync passwords from AD to SaaS apps in real-time.
12:30 - 01:30 PM
01:30 - 03:00 PM
Mobile Device Manager Plus
Device management made easy by Romanus Raymond and Ashok Antony Paulraj
  • Categorize profiles based on hierarchy, impose restrictions (camera, browser, apps).
  • Secure mobiles with stringent passcodes, geo-tracking, remote lock and wipe.
  • Encrypted corporate data sandboxes for  employee owned devices.
  • Ensure only permitted apps exists in devices; silently push enterprise and public apps.
  • Email management with O365, Exchange ActiveSync.
Real user monitoring and blazing fast troubleshooting for cloud applications by Gibu Kurian Mathew
  • Troubleshoot custom apps from the end-user browser window to the backend database.
  • Track if a build update impacted performance.
  • Empower IT to give quality input to dev teams.
Reduce calls to your help desk by Rex Antony Peter
  • Monitor corporate services and applications effectively.
  • Setup monitoring systems exactly the way you would imagine.
  • Publish the status of your corporate IT services to internal and external customers.
ADAudit Plus
Comprehensive reporting for key security monitoring and alerting by Derek Melber, Group Policy MVP, technical evangelist for ADSolutions
  • Reports for failed logons, logon duration, and account lockout analysis.
  • Change reports to monitor user, group, OU, and object changes.
  • Real-time alerting to notify you of key security-related changes.
Meet the stringent compliance needs by Derek Melber
  • Comply with regulatory mandates at ease.
  • Build custom reports for new compliance regulations.
  • Modify the existing reports to meet the internal security auditing needs.
RecoveryManager Plus
Comprehensively backup, restore, and recycle AD objects by Derek Melber
  • Backup and restore Active Directory, either partially or completely.
  • Manage changes at the attribute level with version management.
  • Quickly recycle objects that have been deleted.
03:00 - 04:00 PM
Networking & wrap-up

Note: Agenda is subject to change



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