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Artificial Intelligence in
everyday IT management

Four-part webinar series | Exploring AI’s impact on
IT infrastructure today, and in the future.

Presented by


Ramprakash Ramamoorthy

Product Director - AI & Machine Learning, Zoho Labs

AI in IT series


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The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable. We utilize virtual service desk agents and chats, and leverage AI and machine learning to detect abnormal behavior and stay secure. So, what will IT look like in an AI-driven world? How do we introduce process changes that are AI-ready into our organization?

Join us for our AI in IT webinar series to discover how to best leverage AI to provide conversational assistance to automate and better manage help desk requests, provide preemptive troubleshooting solutions using predictive analysis, and respond to cyberthreats with greater confidence through machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP).

Join our expert to learn about:

  • (July 21) Trends in AI and what they mean in IT management.
  • (July 23) AI in ITSec and endpoint management: Traditional security and AI practices and how they differ with SecurityAI, which is using AI to replace traditional security thresholds and secure systems from AI-based attacks.
  • (July 28) Tackle monitoring through AI to sail through oceans of information: Dive into the perspectives of monitoring and its best practices as our experts discuss how to leverage AI automation in your day-to-day IT workflow.
  • (July 30) AI in service delivery: Enhance your service delivery through these best practices that transform your IT using AI.

Complete the series and you'll be able to successfully implement AI in your organization for a reliable, self-learning, and secure IT infrastructure.

Speaker details

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy

Product Manager - AI & Machine Learning, Zoho Labs

Ramprakash has been leading the AI efforts at Zoho Corporation for the past 8 years. He kickstarted the AI efforts within the company and built the company's AI platform from scratch. Today, the platform powers AI features across ZOHO Corp's suite of products and handles a ball park 70M requests a day.A passionate leader with a levelheaded approach to emerging technologies and a sought after speaker at tech. conferences and events.

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