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WebcastCCPA 101 for
IT administrators

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Vivin Speaker

Senior Technical Evangelist

Sid Speaker

Product Specialist

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Why watch this webcast?

With the CCPA coming into effect, it is even more important for organizations now to defend themselves from data breaches, and protect their customers from identity theft. Failure to comply can result in fines and a loss of reputation, which can adversely affect revenue.

In this webinar, our compliance experts will explore the fundamentals of the CCPA, and set you on the right path to compliance.


  • CCPA demystified: An introduction for IT administrators
  • Rights of consumers under the CCPA
  • Aspects of the CCPA applicable to your company
  • A step-by-step walk-through for developing a compliance strategy
  • Methods to secure consumers' personal data using the right IT solutions

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